1. Details
    Each guest will have a private bedroom, and a shared bathroom for 3 days and 2 nights in a mountain cottage in scenic western North Carolina. All meals are provided from our celebration welcome on Friday evening until our departure breakfast on Sunday morning. These accommodations are given as our gift to you in support of the investment of time and energy you are extending. Location details and direction will be provided via email after applying.
  2. Experiences
    Deepen your reservoir of delight with experiences crafted to return resilience and expectation, with aim of full restoration of your strength, carrying you into a victorious future, regardless of the wounds of the past. Re-discover beauty, creativity and freedom in your body to recognize the resources given to you in healing. Share in the courage of kinship with others growing in hope and triumph.
  3. Joined by
    The Arise Retreat is staffed by compassionate women, available to give time and attention to each guest, championing freedom and wholeness with their individual gifts. Our staff have been through the retreat experience, and help to lead through art, movement, conversation and scriptural prayer, helping to call forth each guest's strength and beauty. They also handle many of the logistics to provide a restful environment so guests can restore and receive.